Braintree Spring Meet 2017

Attached are the results from the Braintree Spring Meet:

Braintree Spring Meet 2017 results

Overall results were really impressive, good to see some swimmers trying out new events, especially the 200m Free and 200IM where some big PB’s were achieved.

In terms of PB’s, there were 93 set on the day in total out of 199 swims, top PB’er of the day was Ben Templeton-Knight who set 5 out of 6 events competed in. Ljiljana Raven, Kallie Jackson, Chloe Martin, and Misty Eren closely followed with 4 each.

Name Events PB’s
Ben Templeton-Knight 6 5
Ljiljana Raven 4 4
Kallie Jackson 4 4
Chloe Martin 4 4
Misty Eren 4 4
Overall Swims 199 93

In terms of medals,  18 of the Club’s swimmers claimed gold which is a third of those competing. Top gold medallist’s were Tyler Jackson, William White, Ben Stringer and Adam Fearon with 4 apiece,

Swimmer Gold Medals
William WHITE 4
Lilly-Mae KILBEY 3
Glennon LEE 2
Ethan RYAN 2
Kitty JARVIS 2
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