Academy & Development Time Trial

Many thanks to all those who, swam, attended, watched, helped at tonight’s Time Trial. Ultimately it will be judged by the times the swimmers set, but as an event, it was so much more!

Big thanks to:

  • Jonathan Chan who was responsible for running tonight’s event and since 12th Jan when this was first suggested, managed to get it licensed at really short notice and an hour after the Meet finished, has provided me with draft results.
  • The Knight family and Claire Peirce who ran the timing system that needed “some work” on it throughout the night!
  • Julie Hayes who despite not being there, managed to organise everything poolside.

Helpers & Officials – many thanks to all those that helped tonight, it was great to see so many senior swimmers who helped with the marshaling, officiating & announcing on poolside. Julie’s Barmy Army had a a notable replacement in her absence. Officials, many thanks for committing your time freely, without it tonight would not have taken place.

Parents – many thanks for your support, time trials such as this are a massive undertaking for the Club and to get a 90% turnout is really great. The Club cannot survive without parents getting involved in the Club, if anyone would like to know more about helping, please contact Julie Hayes,

Last but not least, the most important people on the night – the swimmers. We had swimmers competing tonight who 2 months ago were coming out of Penguins Swim School, it is amazing what you have achieved in 8 weeks!! The results will will show some huge progress from swimmers across all the groups.

I have spoke to all the coaches on poolside tonight and asked for their feedback and there were some really positive comments and some real highlights.

Because the meet is licensed, some of the formalities involved will delay publication of the results, so please bear with us!

All in all – a great night!

Martin Stringer
Head Coach – Harlow Penguins

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