Essex Mini League – R1

Penguins Penguins smash it!!

In the 1st round of the Essex Mini League at Rochford, Penguins dominated the events, claiming wins in 24 of the 49 races and claimed victory in the gala.

Final points on the night:

1st. Harlow Penguins 172
2nd. Brentwood 154
3rd. Rochford 151
4th. Harwich 130
5th. Witham Dolphins 101

This was a dominant performance, to win by 18 points is good but when you take into account the 7 Time faults on the evening , it could have been 25/30 points more. Time Faults are basically down to swimmers smashing their PB’s which ultimately is the name of the game and as coaches that is what we want the swimmers to do!

As a League, this is an event where we may try swimmers in events they do not normally compete in, but fundamentally this is where we bring through our up and coming talent, a lot of swimmers will make their competitive debut for the Club in events like this and last night was no exception with 8 or 9 swimmers competing for Penguins in their first team gala. For 2 of our 9 year old relay teams to get time faulted is a great result because it confirms what the coaches are seeing – we have some talented youngsters coming through.

The noise and atmosphere at the gala last night was amazing, even down to the last Squadron relay, congratulations to all those that competed.

Many thanks to all those that helped on poolside, but also thanks to the parents for the support you give to your swimmers.

Detailed results including Relay splits are on the attached file:  Essex Mini League Result

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