Essex Mini League – Round 4 – Harlow

Penguins – what a night!!

End of season Mini League gala and Penguins ever up for a challenge, decide to put 2 teams out!!

Logistically 2 teams is massive 82 swimmers invited to swim, 19 declined due to other commitments, but managing 63 swimmers on poolside is not easy, thanks go to those detailed below and a few others!

  • Martin’s Team , thanks to Nicola and Janet, this team was the “Official” League Team
  • Charlies Team, thanks go to Olivia, Toni, & Lauren for helping Charlie with his team, its worth noting there were 13 swimmers in the team making their competitive debut.

The atmosphere in Leisurezone was electric, the swimmers need the support of family etc. & Penguins Barmy Army in the stands were loud. Needless to say the swimmers did not disappoint – on the night times were smashed, but above all else it was the team spirit that shone through.

9 time faults (recognise these as PB’s) would have normally cost us the gala, but its worth noting Braintree had 9 as well, so no excuses there.

Final official points on the night:

1st. Braintree 166
2nd. Harlow Penguins 161
3rd. Brentwood 159
4th. Saffron Seals 107

Putting Charlie’s Team in the mix, points would have been:

1st. Braintree 158
2nd. Harlow Penguins 154
3rd. Brentwood 145
4th. Saffron Seals 121
5th. Harlow Charlie’s 111

Detailed results including Relay splits are on the attached files:

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