City of Milton Keynes SC – Autumn Meet 2019

Weekend of swimming at The City of Milton Keynes Swimming Club – Autumn Meet 2019, a new venture for the Club and some quality opposition, its worth noting that as a Club, MK finished 1 place below Ipswich in this years Arena League B final!

Over the weekend there were some outstanding swims from the Penguin swimmers, and there were some disappointments, but above all else it was great to work with a group of 25 swimmers who took on board advice, wanted to listen to feedback and were looking to improve.

There were some outstanding performances, to see the diminutive Cooper Smith stand on the blocks against a 14 year old giant in the 200 Breast and then beat him was a real highlight, and then right at the end of 2 days tough competition and 9 events, have Kevin Moldovan hit PB in the 100m Fly was outstanding. Along the way Jasmine Hall pretty much swept all before her with times that would have won races in the next age group up!

There were disappointments, but its great to get those swimmers analyse what went wrong, look to make improvements and then move on to the next race.

Full results are detailed in the following file:


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