Harlow Penguins – County Qualifier Meet

Another weekend of swimming for Penguins, this time at home at The Leisurezone in the Harlow Penguins County Qualifier Meet where Penguins put out their biggest ever squad at an Open Meet, in total there were 94 swimmers on the pool deck, which is a massive achievement in itself and congratulations should go to the coaching team who are continuing to deliver improved standards of performance across all squads. 94 swimmers on poolside involves some serious team management!!

As the name suggests, one of the main aims for swimmers was to set new PB’s and County Qualifying times, top performers in terms of PB’s were the swimmers detailed below who achieved 7 PB’s over the course of the weekend, congratulations to those:

Name Count of Event Count of PB
Charlie Plume 8 7
George Jones 8 7
Theodore Perrin 7 7
Atikan To 7 7
Ben Stringer 7 7
Jack Banning 7 7

Some of the individual improvements to PB’s were massive but it is worth noting that of the 94 swimmers taking part, 86 of then hit at least 1 PB. Perhaps the biggest achievement of the Meet was Academy A’s Lucas Pintilei who not only swam a PB in the 50m Breast, but also hit a County Qualifying time – just shows what can be achieved with the pool time available to these groups.

Full results are detailed in the following files:

Many thanks to all the parents who helped organise and run the meet, officiated poolside or ran the timing systems. Without your help these meets simply cannot take place and the opportunity they provide our swimmers is invaluable.


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