Penguins Club Kit

The following items are required for training:

  • Swimsuit/trunks/jammers (not leisure shorts)
  • Goggles
  • Waterbottle
  • Swimming hat – all swimmers. Particular colour according to squad.
  • Kickboard (float)
  • Pullbouy (float)
  • Short Fins
  • Hand paddles
  • String bag to hold all the above

All of the above items may be purchased from Stortford Sports Supplies, which has a stall at our reception desk most Friday evenings. Parents are strongly advised to get the recommended brands in stock at our preferred shop, especially the fins and paddles, which you can usually try for size.

Penguins branded items are also stocked and ordered through Stortford Sports Supplies.

  • Small logo draw-string bag
  • Large Club hold-all bag
  • Club rucksack
  • Penguins logo T-shirt – must be worn poolside at all galas
  • Penguins sweat shirt