Help entering galas

General guidance on gala selection and how to enter Open Meets can be found in this document:

General entry form: Use this form ONLY when host club has not issued a form:

Find your ASA number

Don’t remember your ASA# or your Personal Best times?
Look your name up on the ASA database.

Enter your name and check you are Category 2 registered with Harlow Penguins.

Why not remind yourself of your child’s date of birth while you’re here! No excuses for not completing the form correctly… you will not be entered.

Click through on your ASA number and see your personal best times as recorded by the ASA at previous meets. If you dn’t have a time for a particular event, you MUST ask your coach to estimate one.

You cannot enter County Championships unless your QT is recorded by the ASA in the previous 12 months at a licensed meet.

Entering long-course meets

You will need to convert your Personal Best times to long-course times. You can use this tool: