Cheshunt 14th Autumn Open Meet

The 14th Cheshunt Autumn Open Meet is a Level 3 SC meet, full details including schedule of events, qualifying times can be found on the details below.

Venue:  Harlow Leisurezone

Information Pack:  Cheshunt-SC- Conditions-2018

Schedule of Events:  Cheshunt-SC- Schedule-Of-Events-2018

Qualifying Times:  Cheshunt-SC- Qualifying-Times-2018

Date:      Saturday 27th October 2018

Harlow Penguins – Accepted Entries

Accepted entries are detailed on the following file:


Coaches Poolside: Toni Howard, Janet Shine, Sarah Stringer

Times for Session 1

  • Sign In Closes:     12.30pm
  • Warm-Up:             12:30pm
  • Start:                      1:15pm