Luton – May Long Course Meet (Level 1)

Luton May LC Open Meet is a Level 1 meet, full details of the meet, including schedule of events, qualifying times can be found using the following link:

Venue:    Inspire: Luton Sports Village, Luton, LU2 8DD

Date:       Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th May 2017

Events:  50m, 100m, & 200m all four strokes, 400m, 800m (girls) & 1500m (Boys) Freestyle, 200m & 400m IM

Schedule of Events:  Luton ML17_Schedule_vIssue

Qualifying Times:  Luton ML17_QualifyingStandard_vIssue

Entry Form: Luton ML17_EntryForm_vIssue

Harlow Penguins Entry

This meet is only available to Performance Squad and Junior Regional squad swimmers and falls within the National qualifying window..

If you have an queries regarding entry etc. please discuss this with your coach.

All Penguins entries to be submitted to Julie Hayes, last date for accepting entry is Friday 7th April 2017.