Newham and East London L1 National Qualifying Meet

The Newham and East London L1 National Qualifying Meet is a Level 1 meet.

The meet falls within the National qualifying window and will be offering a full range of events including the 800m and 1500 freestyle.

Full details including schedule of events, qualifying times can be found on the entry pack detailed below.

Venue:  London Aquatic Centre (LAC), Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. London. E20 2ZQ

Date:  Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April 2018

License No:  1LR180247

Entry Pack including Schedule of Events and Qualifying Times

Harlow Penguins Entry

This is a Level 1 meet and is an opportunity for swimmers who are looking to qualify for Regionals or Nationals only.

E-mails will be going out inviting swimmers to compete, all swimmers within the following squads are expected to attend this meet:

Senior Performance Squads
Junior Regional Squads

Please do not enter this meet if you are not a member of these squads, even if you have the qualifying times your entry is not guaranteed and entries will be rejected on a time basis, i.e. slowest entries will be cut.

If you have an queries regarding entry etc. please discuss this with your coach.