British Summer Championships

Tomorrow, Georgie Pryor, Carys Brealey and Alessandro Rioda, compete in the British Summer Championships at the Tollcross International Swimming Centre in Glasgow. Detailed below is the programme of events:British Champs Schedule

  • Georgie has qualified for 50 & 100 Fly, 50 Back.
  • Cary’s  – first time at British, competes in the 50 & 100 Bsck.
  • Alessandro has qualified for the 100m Back & 50m Fly.

They are competing at the highest level in British Swimming. As a Club this is Penguins biggest qualification for the Championships in years and we should all congratulate them for achieving that, these are outstanding achievements.

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Summer Training Programme

Over the summer holiday period the Club will operate a Summer Training Programme. This will take account of the closure of Burnt Mill Pool and a reduction in some of the sessions offered.

Details are as follows:

Burnt Mill – Transfer to Stewards

Burnt Mill Pool will close over the summer period, the last session will be Thursday 19th July. Replacement sessions will be held at Stewards Pool, please note the following:

  • All Tuesday Sessions will transfer to Stewards from Tuesday 30th July, session start/finish times will be exactly the same, however due to existing bookings there will be no swimming on Tuesday 23rd July.
  • All Thursday sessions will be transferred to Stewards for the summer period commencing Thursday 25th July. Due to an existing Stewards booking, please note all sessions will start and end 30 minutes earlier. Whilst these arrangements may not be ideal, the alternative was to simply cancel all sessions over the summer period, however in terms of the continued development of the swimmers, we felt it important to maintain as many sessions as we could.
  • Summer shutdown week – as in previous years, please note there is no swimming from Friday 23rd August until Sunday 1st September, sessions will recommence on Monday 2nd September.
  • All sessions will revert to Burnt Mill at the normal times from Monday 10th September.
  • Penguins Swim School have already been advised by e-mail of the changes to their times/venues.

Leisurezone Sessions

Please note the following:

  • The last Morning Sessions (this includes the Sunday morning 8:30-10:30 session) over the summer period will be Thursday 1st August, mornings will restart as normal on Monday 2nd September.
  • Summer shutdown week – as in previous years, please note there is no swimming from Friday 23rd August until Sunday 1st September inc.
  • Full training schedule, i.e. all sessions will recommence on Monday 2nd September.

Calendar detailing dates/venues etc. is attached:

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Essex Mini League – Round 4 – Harlow

Penguins – what a night!!

End of season Mini League gala and Penguins ever up for a challenge, decide to put 2 teams out!!

Logistically 2 teams is massive 82 swimmers invited to swim, 19 declined due to other commitments, but managing 63 swimmers on poolside is not easy, thanks go to those detailed below and a few others!

  • Martin’s Team , thanks to Nicola and Janet, this team was the “Official” League Team
  • Charlies Team, thanks go to Olivia, Toni, & Lauren for helping Charlie with his team, its worth noting there were 13 swimmers in the team making their competitive debut.

The atmosphere in Leisurezone was electric, the swimmers need the support of family etc. & Penguins Barmy Army in the stands were loud. Needless to say the swimmers did not disappoint – on the night times were smashed, but above all else it was the team spirit that shone through.

9 time faults (recognise these as PB’s) would have normally cost us the gala, but its worth noting Braintree had 9 as well, so no excuses there.

Final official points on the night:

1st. Braintree 166
2nd. Harlow Penguins 161
3rd. Brentwood 159
4th. Saffron Seals 107

Putting Charlie’s Team in the mix, points would have been:

1st. Braintree 158
2nd. Harlow Penguins 154
3rd. Brentwood 145
4th. Saffron Seals 121
5th. Harlow Charlie’s 111

Detailed results including Relay splits are on the attached files:

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Essex Mini League – R2

Penguins – what might have been???

8 time faults and a couple of unnecessary DQ’s on the night cost Penguins the victory in the 2nd round of the Essex Mini League at Braintree they so richly deserved. Penguin swimmers were smashing PB’s on the night, 18 in the 32 individual events and some of the relay splits were also outstanding.

Coaches will always want swimmers to hit PB’s and therefore Time Faults are a risk in the Mini League, but improved times are what we continually strive for, so its just back to the selection drawing board!!  

Final points on the night:

1st. Chelmsford City 158
2nd. Harlow Penguins 149
3rd. Rochford


5th. Maldon 107

Penguins continued the policy of trying new swimmers in the League, and this gala was no exceptions with Jacob Branch, James Cherry, Harry Fleming, Felicity Oakes & Heidi Cooper, all making their Penguins debut. Its worth noting that in total we had eleven 9 year old swimmers competing which is great testament to the work being put into our Academy groups to identify “talent”.

Congratulations go to our individual winners on the night,  George Jones, Atikan To, Dmitrijs Gracovs (x2), Sophia Dixon, Lacey Buss, Alexdrina Roberts, Kai Henson & Cailin Walker. In total we won 16 events, including 8 relays.

As in the first round, the Penguins Barmy Army in the stands were loud and great support to the swimmers. Many thanks to all those that helped on poolside, but also thanks to the parents for the support you give to your swimmers.

Detailed results including Relay splits are on the attached file: Essex Mini League Result

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M11 Junior Swimming League – R1

Juniors find it tough but deliver some amazing performances!

Competing in the 1st round of the M11 Junior Swimming League at Basildon on Sunday, Penguins swimmers produced some outstanding swims against some of the Countries leading junior clubs – please do not underestimate the quality of opposition we are competing against!

There were 19 PB’s set in the 32 individual events and some swimmers were breaking times that had only been set the night before in the Essex League gala, also at Basildon!

Final points at the gala:

1st. Basildon & Phoenix 309
2nd. Hillingdon 270
3rd. Barnet Copthall 260
4th. Greenwich 216
5th. Anaconda 213
6th. Harlow Penguins 173
7th. Kingston Royals 166
8th. Newham & Uni of East London 148

There is no doubt the most impressive results on the night were posted by the 9 year old girls and boys teams, which is great news for the Club’s future.

At the gala, the Club secured a total of 13, 2nd, 3rd & 4th places, 9 of those were delivered by the 9 year old swimmers. Congratulations go to Sophia Dixon, Lily Mills, Evie Knight, Ailie To, Zac Josin, Jesse Howard, Theo Perrin & George Jones.

For detailed results including Relay splits, please see the attached file:

M11 Junior Swimming League 2019 Result – R1

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Essex League – Round 3

Penguins – Missed Opportunity!

In the 3rd round of the Essex League at Basildon, Penguins swimmers produced produced some outstanding swims, claiming wins in 13 of the 49 races and recording some significant PB’s but the Team were undone on the night by a couple of disappointing DQ’s. 

Final points on the night:

1st. Brentwood 214
2nd. Harlow Penguins 212
3rd. Enfield Swim Squad 209
4th. Basildon 203.5
5th. Saffron Seals 127.5
6th. Romford Town DNS

The Club’s senior swimmers produced some outstanding swims, which is great news in the week before Regional Championships:

  • Alessandro Rioda hitting a PB of 54.31 in the 100m Free.
  • Carys Brealey going 58 for the first time in the 100m Free, recording 58.90.
  • Lauren Nelson claiming victory 100m fly in a new PB of 65.55.

The Club’s most prolific points scorer on the night was Brianna Hansen, who claimed wins in the 11/U 50m Free (PB – 31.65) and the 50m Back as well as being part of the 11/U Free & Medley relay teams which both won.

The Club’s other individual winners on the night were Tyler Jackson, Ethan Peirce, Misty Eren, Phoebe White. PB’s were recorded by Chloe Martin, Thomas Moody, Autumn Shine, Cooper Smith, Ethan Ryan, Kallie Jackson & William White.

Detailed results including Relay splits are on the attached file: Essex Swimming League – Result

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Essex Mini League – R1

Penguins Penguins smash it!!

In the 1st round of the Essex Mini League at Rochford, Penguins dominated the events, claiming wins in 24 of the 49 races and claimed victory in the gala.

Final points on the night:

1st. Harlow Penguins 172
2nd. Brentwood 154
3rd. Rochford 151
4th. Harwich 130
5th. Witham Dolphins 101

This was a dominant performance, to win by 18 points is good but when you take into account the 7 Time faults on the evening , it could have been 25/30 points more. Time Faults are basically down to swimmers smashing their PB’s which ultimately is the name of the game and as coaches that is what we want the swimmers to do!

As a League, this is an event where we may try swimmers in events they do not normally compete in, but fundamentally this is where we bring through our up and coming talent, a lot of swimmers will make their competitive debut for the Club in events like this and last night was no exception with 8 or 9 swimmers competing for Penguins in their first team gala. For 2 of our 9 year old relay teams to get time faulted is a great result because it confirms what the coaches are seeing – we have some talented youngsters coming through.

The noise and atmosphere at the gala last night was amazing, even down to the last Squadron relay, congratulations to all those that competed.

Many thanks to all those that helped on poolside, but also thanks to the parents for the support you give to your swimmers.

Detailed results including Relay splits are on the attached file:  Essex Mini League Result

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Academy & Development Squad Time Trial

15th Feb            Academy & Development Time Trial 

Apologies for the delay to the start of the evening, its certainly not the 1st Experience of competitive swimming we would have wanted for our Academy & Development swimmers.

Above all else, it is about the swimmers and what they produce on the night, there were tears, nerves, all of which we expected and thanks to our coaches Sarah Stringer, Nicola Arnold, Olivia Smith-Lal and Lauren Nelson and some great support from some of our younger swimmers, we actually managed to get all the swimmers in the pool competing!!

What they produced on the night was amazing – results are attached – TT Feb 2019 Result

Despite the gremlins, this is a team effort, we had over 30 volunteers on poolside, nearly all of whom had no reason to be there other than their continued support for Penguins. As always we continually need more people to become involved, Academy and Development swimmers are the future of the Club and we need parents from those squads to step forward.

Many thanks to all those that helped on the night – next date – 28th June!


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Christmas & New Year Training Schedule

Detailed below is the Christmas & New Year Training schedule:

File for download:     Xmas Schedule 2018

Xmas Schedule 2018

  • Last Training day before Christmas is Sunday 23rd December, normal training will resume on Wednesday 2nd January.
  • Burnt Mill sessions – last session will be Thursday 13th December, sessions at Burnt Mill will restart on Tuesday 8th January.
  • LeisureZone session on Friday 21st December, will be a “Fun Swim” with inflatables, floats etc. Details of timings will be sent out
  • Thursday 27th December (LZ) – there will be 2 sessions:
    1. 6:00 – 7:30 Performance B & C  
    2. 7:30 – 9:00 Performance and Competition A
  • Friday 28th December (LZ) – 2 sessions:
    1. 6:00 – 7::30 Performance C, Competition B & C 
    2. 7:30 – 9:30 Performance A & B, Competition A, Masters
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Arena League R2 2018

Penguins produced another outstanding display on Saturday night at Watford. With several key members of the squad missing through injury and other commitments and the quality of the opposition faced, it was always going to be a tough proposition to repeat the outstanding First Round performance, but the swimmers produced another batch of PB’s and in the process Kevin Moldovan and Brianna Hansen recorded their first ever Regional Qualifying times.

1st. Hatfield 341
2nd. Camden Swiss Cottage 309
3rd. Hillingdon 290
4th. City of St Albans (COSTA) 206
5th. Chelsea & Westminster 183
6th. Harlow Penguins 177
7th. Romford Town 176
8th. Leander 113

Individually there were 16 PB’s in the 32 individual events, but the highlight has to be Brianna Hansen who claimed a Regional Qualifying time, recording 35.54secs in the 11/U 50m Back and also claimed the Club’s first win in the 2018 League. In the following boys event Kevin Moldovan followed suit and also hit a Regional qualifying time 36.29secs. Congratulations to both.

With 3 dominant teams in the gala, top 3 finishes were hard to come by, but 3 of the Club’s high performers hit 2nd places, Carys Brealey claimed 2 with times of 1:06.51 in the 15/U 100m Back and 59.96 in the 100m Freestyle. Alex Rioda continued his run of impressive times and recorded a personal best time of 55.12secs in the 15/U 100m Freestyle to claim 2nd place. Phoebe White in the 13/U Girls events proved to be one of the top  swimmers, her time of 62.86 placed her 2nd in the 100m Freestyle and she followed that up with a great new PB of 69.19secs in the 100m Butterfly to finish 3rd.

In the 15/U age group, the Club has a really outstanding group of swimmers, Ethan Peirce also hit PB with a time of 62.13secs in the 100m Butterfly.

One aspect that showed the team pulling together, were the relay events. In 11 of the 16 events, the Club’s squads were faster than the results we achieved in Round 1, and that despite missing key swimmers, the splits achieved by most of the swimmers showed continued improvement.

Full details of times and places are on the attached file:        Arena League – Result


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