Swim School – Fees and Forms


Penguins Swim School fees are – £80.00 (per 12 week term)

Please note:

  • All fees are payable in advance and the club operates a strict policy of “no fee, no swim”.
  • Anybody who has not paid by the end of week 2 will lose their place – we currently have a waiting list for places.

Payment can be made by Standing Order, which is the Club’s preferred method of payment. If paying by SO please ensure your child’s name is included in the reference and confirm by email to (treasurer@harlowpenguins.com) that payment has been made this way. Payments should be to the Club’s bank as detailed:

Harlow Penguins Swimming Club
Barclays Bank – Harlow
Sort Code: 20 36 98
Account Number: 43345351

In addition payment can be made by cheque or cash, cheques made payable to ‘Harlow Penguins Swimming Club’.


ASA Registration


As an A.S.A. (Amateur Swimming Assoc.) registered organisation, all swimmers are registered as it is the cheapest way for the Club to buy insurance. Any swimmer not registered is uninsured, and will not be allowed to swim.

The fee for this is factored into the Course Fee.

Club Membership

Harlow Penguins – Membership Form

The membership form must be completed as this provides us with contact details and informs us of any medical details (e.g. asthma, allergies) we need to know.

Codes of Conduct

Harlow Penguins – Swimmers Code of Conduct

Harlow Penguins – Parents Code of Conduct

Wavepower 2016–19 is the latest Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Child Safeguarding Policies and Procedures publication which has been produced to assist in safeguarding and protecting children in our sport and must be adopted by all ASA affiliated clubs and organisations.

Within these policies are Codes of Conduct for Swimmers and Parents, which need to be read and completed.