Competition Squads

Competition Squad Structure

The aim of the club is to create a positive training environment where its members are encouraged and challenged and are given the best opportunity to succeed in the sport and to be the best they can be.

Detailed below is the current Competition Squad Structure:

Competition Squad Pathway

Squad Qualifying Criteria

Each of our Competition Squads has Qualifying Criteria which takes account of a swimmers;

  • Competitive Performance
  • Training ability
  • Commitment to Training (attendance)

These elements will be taken into account as part of a “Coaching Assessment” which will be discussed and agreed with both swimmers and parents.

Competition Squads:

Detailed below are documents that clearly detail the Qualifying Criteria outlined above for each of the squads in the Competition Squad Structure:

  1. Penguins – Competition A Squad
  2. Penguins – Competition B Squad
  3. Penguins – Competition C Squad