Training Information and Advice

When attending sessions, swimmers are expected to deliver high standards of training. Detailed below are some guidelines on what to expect:

  1. Timekeeping – be ready to swim at your start time and have all equipment ready on poolside. If the published session start is 7:00, please be on the poolside ready to go before that, coaches should not have to give the warm-up to each of you individually.
  2. Pit-stops – please ensure you go to the toilet before you get in. It is amazing how many swimmers need a toilet break during a hard set, there will be no planned break during the session.
  3. Listen – coaches should not have to tell you 2 or 3 times what you have to do, if you are told to get out, get out and similarly if we are doing sprints/singles etc. off the blocks, please be ready to go.
  4. Quality of work – the Club is trying to develop a competitive squad; you come to train to improve your technique, fitness etc. Part of this is pushing yourselves to improve, when you are tired, great, probably means that you have put in some effort, but it is at times like this where you need to push yourself even harder. Please do not moan you are tired, that’s what training is about!
    a) Swim full lengths, end to end with correct turns and try to avoid cutting corners.
    b) Make sure you finish each length with the correct touch.
  5. Getting out early – if you need to get leave the session early please arrange this with your coach before you get in.
  6. Drinks – Only drink after each set, take short drinks,

Remember – don’t swim if you are ill, especially if you have an open wound or a stomach upset.

Required Equipment

All swimmers must attend each session with the following:

  • Goggles – please ensure your child has two pairs of goggles, preferably of the same type. The most important aspect of goggles is that they fit, do not leak and stay on, not that they look good!
  • Fins (short) – again fit is important, your child’s feet grow, please ensure their fins fit. If they are too small, this may cause cramp which wastes time in training.
  • Pull Buoy
  • Kickboard
  • Paddles (small or medium)
  • Drinks Bottle 75ml-1L – please note the dirnks advice above.

Asthmatics should ensure that they have an inhaler at the poolside and must have completed an ASA Medical Form.